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“Life is about making decisions

in the face of uncertainty.” – Yuval Bar-Or

As professionals, educators, mentors, parents, and leaders, we are constantly making decisions.

Good decisions make a huge positive difference in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Bad decisions set back our careers, our relationships, and our finances.

I like to pose this scenario when I face an audience:

“Imagine a world where all 7 billion people make just one better decision each day.”

Each of us makes dozens of decisions each day. It’s reasonable to suggest that we get just one more of these right. Now imagine the combined impact on our world. Most of the 7 billion decisions would be small. Some would be a bit more meaningful. A small number would have huge implications: A national leader may take a chance and initiate peace talks, another may turn down a corrupt corporation or agree to reconcile with a rival religious leader.

Is this realistic? In a word, yes. People can be taught to make better decisions.

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or

While we all yearn for our leaders to make better decisions, the ones I’d like to focus on are the smaller ones each of us makes. Individually these may not seem all that important, but they can make a significant difference in our lives. In fact, combined with decisions by others who see the world as we do, we can influence our communities, our countries, and ultimately, the world.

Whether or not you seek to change the world, you can certainly improve your corner of it. Primarily, I help people to make personal finance decisions (as investors) as well as leadership decisions (as managers of organizations).

I use several methods to communicate my messages: as an author, consultant, and speaker. Most recently, I’ve focused my efforts on teaching investing literacy. This commitment includes my teaching duties at Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School, and my recently published book, “Play to Prosper: The Small Investor’s Survival Guide.

I help individuals, corporate leaders, educators, and policy makers to make better decisions about investing and to shape financial markets to ensure they are fair for all participants.

Please contact me with questions and requests at my main corporate site: The Light Brigade.